Lab Report

In our last lab class we worked with Carbon dioxide and saw and understood how it is excreted from our body. In groups we did and experiment  using a candle, a thermometer and a tube filled with lime water (this solution makes a reaction when it makes contact with CO2).



  • Plasma: mostly water, carries nutrients 
  • Red blood cells: made in the bone marrow, do not live very long (no nucleus), work fast, contain haemoglobin (carries oxygen) 
  • White blood cells: Have nucleus, can move around easily, fight pathogens 
  • Platelets: small cells, blood clotting, do not have nucleus 

Transport in blood

  • Blood’s main function: to transport substances 
  • Blood cell shape: donut
  • Lungs, oxygen diffuses, forms oxyhaemoglobin
  • Arteries from aorta, supply oxygen, turns to hemoglobin 
  • OxyHb and Hb colours