The start of the Cold War: Looking back on my work.

  1. Which activities helped me the most?
    1. Flipgrid. For this activity we recorded ourselves explaining a specific topic and were able to see the videos of the other students as well. I had never used this app before in any subject, and I find it very practical and useful. I think it was a good idea to work with it because listening to your classmates explaining something makes it more dynamic and interesting than reading it. Besides, recording myself talking was better than writing because it made it more fun and simple.
    2. The Multiple Intelligencies tasks. In this ativity we did a presentation in pairs (I worked with Carolina Cremona) and worked with the Cold War in different original activities, using multiple intelligencies. Although I had my preferences with the tasks we were given, I found all of them original. The human sculpture, the writing of the song and the collages and maps made it easy to study afterwards and I enjoyed working on them.
    1. The handwritten essay question. In this activity we did an essay in paper, to practice for our IGCSE exam. As for this activity we had already had the exam and I had already received feedback on my work, I had a clear and fresh idea of what I should write about when I started doing so. Moreover, as the essay question I had to analyze was about the blame of Stalin and Truman as regards the start Cold War, it made me go deeper into the analysis of this opposing ideologies and how both of them contributed to the start of it.

2. Which activity could I have done better?

I think that one activity I could have worked better on was the test in which we used Google Forms. I did not manage my time well and therefore spent a lot of time giving long answers when I could have made them more brief and spent the spare time working on the others, which I had to answer very fast. Nevertheless, once we were given feedback, it was very useful to understand my mistakes in the questions, as it cleared up things.

3. Self Evaluation.

Taking into account my attendance, participation in class and quality of my work (individually and in groups) I would give myself an 8.5. This is because I work a lot during class and ask questions if I have any doubt, but last Monday I was absent because I went to my countryside. As regards my work, I think that my biggest mistake is that I sometimes focus a lot in a task (specially the ones at the beginning) and not so much in others. As a consequence I end up having a long and complete result in one of them but maybe a short and poor result in the spare ones.

Resolution! A good resolution to take into account for the remaining time of this term would be managing better my time; specially because it is a key for the exam we are having. I may know all the answers, but if I cannot put them on time in the paper, that will end up affecting my final mark.

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