The boy who harnessed the wind

1- Harness: control and make use of natural resources, mainly to produce energy.

2- William Kamkwamba is a Malawian engineer, author and innovator. He saved Malawi from starvation by creating a windmill that supplied them with water during the dry season, when no crops would grow.

3- Malawi is an African developing country. It is the third most poor country of the world. This is because food production is very low. Also, people are very poor because they earn their money from farming and fishing, so when there are droughts they are very affected.

4- William Kamkwamba realized he could save Malawi from starvation because of a book he read in his school’s library. It was about energy and explained how you could produce water out of wind with a windmill. With some elements like blue gum trees or his dad’s bicycle, the boy could do it.

5- Famine: Extreme scarcity/shortage/lack of food.

Starvation: Suffering/death caused by food.

These words are related to the movie “The boy who harnessed the wind” because in Malawi, as I explained before, there was a lot of famine and people died because of this, because of starvation, as they didn’t have any food.

7- “Nothing can stop the mind with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong attitude.”

The quote is connected to William’s attitude in the movie because nothing could stop him from his aim. He wanted to find a solution. Once he had realized the windmill would save people from hunger by making crops grow again he did everything he could to build it. He never gave up. It didn’t matter to him that his friends left him alone or that his dad didn’t trust and support  him, he kept on working hard to find a solution to the problem until he succeeded.


8- Writing Task.



    Last week in Malawi, a miracle occurred. With fourteen years, William Kamkwamba, borned in a poor family, created a windmill out of bicycle pieces, blue gum trees and other materials. This not only saved him family from starvation, but his hole town, and probably, very soon, his country.

    Since he was little, William explains, he always wanted to attend school. He wanted to learn things, to study. One day the boy found an uniform in his bed and realized his dream was going to come true, he was going to go to school. However, this didn’t last much. Soon, his father didn’t have enough money to keep on paying for his son’s education. Anyway, the boy kept on going to the school’s library. Because of his reading, he created a project. He would create a windmill to produce water and save his family and town from the hunger they were suffering. It took effort, but after a lot of hard work, the windmill was built, and it worked. “I hadn’t seen people so happy for a very long time”, his father, Trywell Kamkwamba, explains.

    Now that the windmill has worked, many more will be built in Malawi and other parts of the world where there is famine. Everyone is very proud of William and his perseverance although he explains he couldn’t have done it without his father’s help. People call him “Malawi’s hero”.




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