War horse: activity

In our last Language class, we presented our work on the final activity we did on War Horse. My group was formed by Emilia Varela and Serena Braun and we had to present a medal Joey could have won, why he could have won it and what it each part represented.

We believe Joey deserves a medal because he was the most loyal horse, who would always look after and suffer the loss of his friends and riders and tried to get his beloved owner, Albert, back, and didn’t stop fighting until he got it. He also deserves a medal in honour of his braveness since he got wounded lots of times and never gave up. Moreover, even though he was scared he never even thought about running away and forget about Albert, his friends and all the people who were always by his side to look after him.

 We designed this medal like this because the red cross represent England, the little boy represents Albert and the loyalty he has toward him and the Horse represents Joey. Moreover, the horse represents his good friend Topthorn and the flags are of some of the countries involved in World War One.

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