Human reproduction/my story

In our Biology class our teacher told us to tell our mothers’ stories in class about their pregnancy by answering some questions in her blog. Here are the answers according to what happened to my mum.

  1. Yes, she realized she was pregnant and went to the doctor the next day because she was very worried as her period was very precise and it hadn’t come for 8 days.
  2. He send her to do an ultrasonography to know for how much time she had been pregnant. It was nearly half a month.
  3. She had diabetes during the pregnancy but then she didn’t have any other problem. As in mostly all the pregnancies she needed a lot of iron as sometimes it was low and suffered from vomits, but these weren’t things that happened a lot.
  4. She had to follow the gestational diet because of the diabetes. This meant that as she had a high quantity of sugar in her blood she couldn’t consume certain foods.
  5. No, she didn’t.
  6. Yes, at the month number 5 they already knew i was a girl.
  7. Yes, i moved a lot and kicked her very much. Also, I had hiccups very much.
  8. I was 37 weeks inside.
  9. I was born at the Mater Dei hospital.
  10. I was born at 5am in the morning.
  11. It was approximately 3 hours.
  12. No, none.
  13. I was breastfed at the beginning but when I turned 5 months I was bottle fed.
  14. It was a day in which it rained very much. Also, it was very cold as it was July. After I was born, a couple didn’t know which name to put to their baby and asked my mother my name, they liked the name and put their baby the same one.

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