Language activities: “Goats tobacco”

In Language our teacher divided our class in groups that had to work on different chapters of the book “Boy” of Roald Dahl. I worked on “Goat’s Tobacco” with Santiago Guerrico, Emilia Varela and Manuel Carrizo. Here is our work:



Hello I am Roald Dahl

And this is my rap.

When I was about nine,

My sister met a guy.

He was always with his pipe,

it never was out of his mouth.

As we hated him,

we made up a plan.

We put some goat droppings

Inside his pipe.

And with this,

we got him mad.



Fiancee: Everyone in your family is crazy! But at least I have my pipe.

Sister: Please, don’t say that. They’ve been kind all the rest of the trip.

Fiancee: They almost killed me! I don’t find that nice at all.

Sister: They are kids, you need to understand that.

Fiancee: Your mother was in this as well.

Sister: She was just having some fun!

Fiancee: I will never come back here again.

Sister: If we get married you will have to do so.

Fiancee: Then I break up with you! You and all your family are insane!

Sister: How dare you?

Fiancee: I am gonna leave this place tomorrow and I’ll make sure none of you knows where I’m going.

Sister: Please, stay. I love you.

Fiancee: Then let’s escape together.

Sister: Fine.

Fiancee: And you must never see this people again.

Sister: Never! Go wherever you want! I will never leave my family!



After feeling close to death,
the man recovered again.
We felt some pain,
But we enjoyed our game.

Now we feel shame,
as we caused a huge mess.
It would be a bless,
if we don’t have to meet him again.


Venn Diagram:


Fill in the blanks-tenses:

Roald _______ (like) to spend time with his sister, but when
she got engaged, he could not play with her. He ______
(hate) his ancient sister’s fiancee, while his sister _____
(love) him. The man __________ (be always smoking) pipe. As
Roald ____ (not like) him, and he _____ (not enjoy) being
with the Dahl family, he _______ (decide) to put goat’s
droppings in his pipe while he ________ (be)at the beach.
While he _______ (fill)the pipe everyone ________ (stare)
The man _____ (think) he was dying when he took the “goat’s
tobacco”, and he started ______ (say) that he wanted to get
out of there.


Fill in the blanks-vocabulary:

When Roald was about nine, he went on his typical family
trip to Norway. But this time, his ancient sister, who had
just ____________took her ________ with her. This man, was
always with Roald ancient sister and also smoking tobacco
with his pipe. One day, at the beach, a great idea
___________________: he would put goat’s droppings in his
pipe. While he was doing it, his sisters and mother were
_________ at him, but they didn’t do anything but ________.

Words to use:
staring-giggle-got engaged-fiancee-sprout in (Roald’s)

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