Human reproduction/my story

In our Biology class our teacher told us to tell our mothers’ stories in class about their pregnancy by answering some questions in her blog. Here are the answers according to what happened to my mum.

  1. Yes, she realized she was pregnant and went to the doctor the next day because she was very worried as her period was very precise and it hadn’t come for 8 days.
  2. He send her to do an ultrasonography to know for how much time she had been pregnant. It was nearly half a month.
  3. She had diabetes during the pregnancy but then she didn’t have any other problem. As in mostly all the pregnancies she needed a lot of iron as sometimes it was low and suffered from vomits, but these weren’t things that happened a lot.
  4. She had to follow the gestational diet because of the diabetes. This meant that as she had a high quantity of sugar in her blood she couldn’t consume certain foods.
  5. No, she didn’t.
  6. Yes, at the month number 5 they already knew i was a girl.
  7. Yes, i moved a lot and kicked her very much. Also, I had hiccups very much.
  8. I was 37 weeks inside.
  9. I was born at the Mater Dei hospital.
  10. I was born at 5am in the morning.
  11. It was approximately 3 hours.
  12. No, none.
  13. I was breastfed at the beginning but when I turned 5 months I was bottle fed.
  14. It was a day in which it rained very much. Also, it was very cold as it was July. After I was born, a couple didn’t know which name to put to their baby and asked my mother my name, they liked the name and put their baby the same one.

Language activities: “Goats tobacco”

In Language our teacher divided our class in groups that had to work on different chapters of the book “Boy” of Roald Dahl. I worked on “Goat’s Tobacco” with Santiago Guerrico, Emilia Varela and Manuel Carrizo. Here is our work:



Hello I am Roald Dahl

And this is my rap.

When I was about nine,

My sister met a guy.

He was always with his pipe,

it never was out of his mouth.

As we hated him,

we made up a plan.

We put some goat droppings

Inside his pipe.

And with this,

we got him mad.



Fiancee: Everyone in your family is crazy! But at least I have my pipe.

Sister: Please, don’t say that. They’ve been kind all the rest of the trip.

Fiancee: They almost killed me! I don’t find that nice at all.

Sister: They are kids, you need to understand that.

Fiancee: Your mother was in this as well.

Sister: She was just having some fun!

Fiancee: I will never come back here again.

Sister: If we get married you will have to do so.

Fiancee: Then I break up with you! You and all your family are insane!

Sister: How dare you?

Fiancee: I am gonna leave this place tomorrow and I’ll make sure none of you knows where I’m going.

Sister: Please, stay. I love you.

Fiancee: Then let’s escape together.

Sister: Fine.

Fiancee: And you must never see this people again.

Sister: Never! Go wherever you want! I will never leave my family!



After feeling close to death,
the man recovered again.
We felt some pain,
But we enjoyed our game.

Now we feel shame,
as we caused a huge mess.
It would be a bless,
if we don’t have to meet him again.


Venn Diagram:


Fill in the blanks-tenses:

Roald _______ (like) to spend time with his sister, but when
she got engaged, he could not play with her. He ______
(hate) his ancient sister’s fiancee, while his sister _____
(love) him. The man __________ (be always smoking) pipe. As
Roald ____ (not like) him, and he _____ (not enjoy) being
with the Dahl family, he _______ (decide) to put goat’s
droppings in his pipe while he ________ (be)at the beach.
While he _______ (fill)the pipe everyone ________ (stare)
The man _____ (think) he was dying when he took the “goat’s
tobacco”, and he started ______ (say) that he wanted to get
out of there.


Fill in the blanks-vocabulary:

When Roald was about nine, he went on his typical family
trip to Norway. But this time, his ancient sister, who had
just ____________took her ________ with her. This man, was
always with Roald ancient sister and also smoking tobacco
with his pipe. One day, at the beach, a great idea
___________________: he would put goat’s droppings in his
pipe. While he was doing it, his sisters and mother were
_________ at him, but they didn’t do anything but ________.

Words to use:
staring-giggle-got engaged-fiancee-sprout in (Roald’s)

Romeo and Juliet

In our last class of Literature we worked on the prologue of Romeo and Juliet, here is a link to the document we made:

Today we are going to answer some questions that are in the blog of our teacher. I will work with Santi Guerrico.

1) How many lines does the prologue have?The prologue has 14 lines, it is a sonnet.

2) Which words rime with each other?

The words that time with each other are:

line 1 with line 3:dignity-mutiny   line 2 with line 4:scene-unclean   line 5 with line 7: foes-overthrows   line 6 with line 8: life-strife  line 9 with line 11: love-remove   line 10 with line 12: rage-stage   line 13 with line 14: with line attend-mend

4) Higlight the word related to love. 


5) Higlight the words you find relates to violence.

grudge/mutiny/blood/fatal/rage/strife/death/take their life/traffic/foes/overthrows/fearful


6) Higlight words related to family. 


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