The big three-the conference of Versailles conversation

In our History class we have been working in the ending of World War 1 and the treaty the peacemakers would agree to do after the ending of it taking into account what each of them wanted and the consquences of that. Our teacher, Lenny Ambrosini, has posted in her blog some possible conversations between them that some students in 2016 did.

My favourite conversation was the one between Abril Teran Frias, Anouk De La Ferrare and Juana Elias. The conversation first gave an introduction of the ending of the war and also some important details about the peacemakers of each country. This reminded me better what each of the representatives of the countries would want according to what they had been through. Something that I liked a lot was that in the conversation the complete name of each peacemaker was written when it was their turn to talk. This helped me because in most of the other conversations only the initials of the names of the peacemakers were written and sometimes I got confused or lost when reading. I think that the ideas were very organized, first they started talking about the compensations for the war that each country would receive, then they continued with the Fourteen Points of Peace that Woodrow Wilson made, and finally they talked about the punishments for Germany. To finish the conversation they added a kind of “sum up” said by Wilson that summerized what the conversation had been about. This was great because if you had not understand something just by reading the end you could have a good idea of what had happened in the part you didn´t understand because of this conclusion. The conversation is very complete and clear.


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