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In History we all did presentations about WW1 related to trench warfare, new weapons and technology, propaganda and the home front. I worked with Mora Malenchini, Pilar Omodeo and Joaquín Greco.

My topic was new weapons and technology and I mostly used the websites provided in our History teacher´s blog that are the following ones:

World War One – Weapons


My topic talked about the weapons and technology used in World War 1. In my presentation I said which ones they were and explained some things about them. I also showed some pictures. The new technology and weapons were the following ones: torpedoes, tear gas, phosgene, airplanes, chlorine, zeppelins, machine guns, rifles and mustard gas. I learnt why some of them stop being used like for example the zeppelins and which ones replaced them, which of them were more powerful and most feared by the soldiers, which ones were the most used ones and many other things.

Finding a tool for our digital poster wasn´t easy. We did it three times and had to start again because of different problems. We didn´t know how to write and although we tried we could not do it. We couldn’t add pictures and every time we saved it we lost all the presentation. Because of this we tried with an app called Canva that made it easier to work. With this tool we learnt how to do all the things that with the others we couldn’t and this is because the app explained everything very clear.

Finding information for my topic was easy. I am very interested on History during the WW1 and specially on weapons so I had a lot of fun working with this topic and remembered things easily. I think that for my part I deserve a 9 or an 8.5 because I really tried my best to understand everything clearly and before presenting I read what I had written before to refresh the ideas of the topic. As a group in my opinion we deserve an 8 because although we had problems with the apps we used we found a solution and got together to work on it.

Here it is:

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